Hello there!

My name is Jeremy Brown. I’m an ex-Apple software engineer with 20-ish years of software engineering experience, mostly on various flavors of *NIX. I’m a generalist; I’ve written UI code in more frameworks than I can count, system daemons, and REST services (no kernel drivers yet). I write in many strongly-typed languages, weakly-typed languages, systems languages, and high level scripting languages. I have strong opinions about technology ethics, what makes a user experience good, and how to build high quality code that lasts for years and is a pleasure to work on.

If you want to learn more, feel free to check out my resume.

Aside from technology:

I drink a lot of imported Chinese tea which I make in very fussy ways and drink from very fancy cups.

I love food, and I think sharing a meal with someone is a powerful social experience. Food (both what people eat and how they eat it) is also a window into a culture’s values. I like to cook, and I think it’s a skill more people should invest time in learning.

I like biking and lifting weights; there’s a great pleasure in training hard and getting stronger, seeing your body do more this week than it was able to do last week.

For professional inquiries, feel free to send me an email (jeremy@brownjava.org).