Rick Steves on Fascism

Yesterday I watched this Rick Steves Documentary on Fascism after seeing it linked from kottke.org. It’s quite a good, if slightly oversimplified, recount of the rise of Fascism in Europe. While never explicitly mentioning he-who-shall-not-be-named, the documentary isn’t subtle in its comparisons to modern-day Fascist-style “cult of personality” leaders. It’s pretty chilling.

As Kottke notes though, one of the most chilling parallels is the sheer similarity of Mussolini’s mannerisms to 45. Holy crap; who knew these guys were literally stamped from the same mold?

Another somewhat humorous, somewhat sad aspect to this is the number of 1-star reviews on the Amazon version from folks who are very very upset by this documentary’s “liberal agenda”. If you published this 15 years ago it would have been totally un-contentious, but in 2020 some people are really grasping at straws to feel good about the side they picked.